Detoxification 10 Day

Why I Love the 10 Day Transformation

I wouldn’t recommend a product that I haven’t tried myself. When I first discovered the 10 Day Transformation, I was incredibly skeptical and did my due diligence on researching the company and ingredients, after all I am a food conservateur. How could you lose 5+ pounds in 10 Days? What would I be putting into my body? The organic, non-GMO and plant-based ingredients passed my test and the formulas made sense to my nutrition brain, so it was time to test the products on myself, to see what results were possible. Now I do this cleanse once a year during the spring with amazing results. Read why I cleanse during Spring.

I have an affinity to try all cleanses – Master Cleanse, Juice Cleanse, Wild Rose Detox, you name it, I’ve tried it. I firmly believe that giving your digestive system a break here and there has incredible healing properties where you get to rest and restore your body. I essentially lived off of juice when I used to manage a juice bar, but I personally struggled with juice cleanses – even short ones. I have a tendency to be sensitive to blood sugar spikes (this happens because juice has no fibre, more on that later), even if I stick to predominantly green veggie alkalizing juices. I also am careful about my hormone balance, so I don’t recommend going longer than 3 days without healthy fats and protein. This 10 Day Transformation allows for 3 servings of whole food (think alkalizing green veggies, like celery, kale, avocado) to make sure your digestive tract gets stimulation from chewing and lots of fibre to keep things moving! Having an avocado a day during a cleanse? Hello healthy fats to keep my hormones balanced, tummy happy and give my body a host of nutrients from this complete superfood!

So how did I feel during my 10 Day vacation from my regular schedule? I felt amazing. The energy boost is noticeable after the third day, and I felt less bloated within the first few days too. My favourite part of this program is taking Master Amino Pattern – which has scientific proof to build lean muscle – because it is a pure vegan amino acid supplement (the building block of proteins, without your body having to break them down). I also lost a lot of fat stored in toxins, due to the detoxifying herbal and superfood ingredients. I lost about 11 pounds, which in real life was about an inch or two off of every place I measured. I was also never hungry – although I was technically in a “calorie” deficit because I was getting complete nutrition which allowed me to feel satiated. I didn’t have to plan or think of any of my meals – which was awesome on a busy schedule that took me out of my kitchen. By following the schedule in 2 hour intervals, you reset your metabolism and truly feel amazing. The results speak for themselves! This is the only cleanse I truly believe in a holistic nutritionist who knows the importance of nourishing your mind and body with organic nutrition.

Purium 10 Day
The Top 3 Benefits of a 10 Day Transformation


Super high-nutrient superfoods, including power greens and sprouted grains completely satisfy, feed and protect your cells. In combination with hydration, this puts your body in a state of satisfaction, not starvation, which means you won’t feel cravings! 


100% vegan, pre-digested protein is proven to build muscle even if you aren’t exercising. No starving, no dehydration; just build and tighten as you lose fat. Additionally, Master Amino Pattern ensures muscles are fed with the building blocks of protein with a 99% absorption rate, without stressing the liver or kidneys.


The only natural food source of melatonin is a part of the program to help induce deep sleep which is crucial for repairing and rebuilding your body – critical for any weight loss effort. Powerful antioxidants promote cellular cleansing, support natural detox processes and elimination.

10 day before after


Males: 12-18 lbs or 6-12 inches overall

Females: 8-11 lbs or 4-6 inches overall