Spring Detox

Why I Cleanse During Spring (and Maybe You Should Too)

What is happening in your body when the season’s change? 

“When seasons change, mad things rearrange,”

Whether this means birds fly back north or you shed that extra sweater, transitional changes are occurring internally in our bodies and externally in the environment. After a long winter, typically associated with heaviness, nutrient storage and stagnation, spring is finally around the corner in Toronto and our bodies are naturally gravitating towards cleansing and lighter foods.

Many eastern philosophies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda embrace connecting with the natural cycles of the earth for mind body balance and wellness. Spring is associated with the principal organ of detoxification – the liver – lending itself to be the optimal season to provide the nutrients to support a natural and seasonal detox. Spring is also traditionally embraced for feelings of lightness, renewal and vitality, and it can be highly beneficial to tune in to the seasonal changes occurring in Mother Nature to reconnect the mind and body to our earth’s rhythms.

What is the value of matching a cleanse to the seasons?

In an ever increasingly overstimulated and disconnected society, looking inward and resetting during spring is a welcomed change with wonderful benefits including mental clarity, digestive healing, mindfulness and the elimination of stored toxins (and fat), after the heaviness of winter and in preparation for an active summer.

Detoxification of toxins occurs in two phases within the liver, and each phase requires various nutrients as cofactors to metabolize and eliminate toxins effectively. It is beneficial to gradually ease in and out from any method of detoxification to ensure biological processes are at peak performance. Nutritional deficiencies and restricted protein intake can compromise the liver’s detoxification pathways – allowing toxins to recirculate within the body and possibly create further damaging free radicals!

Sometimes it takes a little bit more than a standard juice cleanse to support the liver and the body’s detoxification pathways. Seasonal spring harvests offer an abundance of alkalizing leafy greens, such as bitter dandelion and antioxidant rich berries, in addition to other naturally light and detoxifying foods to reignite your digestive fire and reduce the stagnation or inflammation built up over winter.

Embracing a holistic approach to detoxification includes adequate preparation to ensure the body is nourished with the essential nutrients required for detoxification, including amino acids, minerals and vitamins. By eliminating processed and inflammatory foods such as dairy, meat, alcohol, caffeine, gluten and pesticides, seasonal cleansing promotes improved digestion, overall wellbeing and a positive mind-body connection.

Join me this Spring to tune into your body’s natural detoxification power with an easy and effective 10 Day Detoxification to get started.